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A 7.9-magnitude earth quake attacked Wenchuan, Sichuan Province in southwest China at about 2:28 p.m. Monday (6:28 a.m. GMT), May 12. It’s just 200 kilometers (124 miles) from my home town, Chengdu, the biggest city in southwest China.

I was waked up a phone call from my father in law Monday morning at my home in New Jersey. He briefly told me about the earthquake. It was quite a shock. Fortunately, my parents came to U.S. to visit me several weeks ago and they are still stay with me here in New Jersey. But, I still have many relatives back home in Chengdu including my 96 years old grandfather. We became very concerned and started to make calls to my relatives in Chengdu. The first half a hour was extremely tough since the communication channel seemed to be broken. Eventually, the phone was connected. On the other end, came the familiar voice of my aunt. She told us every one was all right. It was quite a relief to us!

My 96 years old grandpa is okay. He felt the earth quake also. But obviously he was not scared. When my aunt hurried home to see him, he was quite calm and still said to my aunt in a smile, “I think we just had an earthquake”. When my aunt urged him to leave the house, he simply reply, “Everybody has his destiny. You cannot run away from your destiny. I will stay in my bed to face it”. That’s the typical spirit of a “Chengduese”, calm and optimistic.

Two of my aunts are working in the hospitals in Chengdu. They are now handling a huge volume of patients from the towns close to the center of earthquake.

My parents and I have been watching the news closely as well as making frequent calls to my relatives in Chengdu. We can watch CCTV4, the official TV channel from central Chinese government, at home here in New Jersey. Looks like my home town will be all right and there won’t be more big earthquake coming.

It’s very sad to watch all the students and kids buried under the debris. We prayed for the people who died in this tragedy. Hopefully, the rescue team can save as much lives as they can. Fortunately, I saw our Prime Minister Wen Jiabao went to Sichuan just 5 hours after the earthquake. It’s very touching to see him working at the front line leading the rescue efforts. With him there, I am pretty sure the best efforts will be made to rescue people and settle the survivors. It’s also touching to see the soldiers were marching by foot to reach the impacted towns since the roads were totally blocked from all directions. I am so proud to have such a leader and such a good army with us at this tragic moment.

Unfortunately, I cannot participated in the big movement of saving lives in my home province. The only thing I can do here is to donate some money to the China Red Cross Fund to support the people in need and pray for them.

All the best to people who suffered in this tragedy.

My best regards to the courageous people who risk their own lives in saving the survivors in this earthquake!

If you would also like to help, here are some donation channels specific for this tragedy:

Recently, I am involved in a hibernate performance tuning project. We used to use Oracle Toplink as the Object-Relational mapping tool for our application. Several months ago, we decided to switch to the more popular JPA/Hibernate.

However, after the switch, we experienced wide-spread performance slowdown. To tune the performance of Hibernate, I did a thorough research in related articles. The more I dug in, the more I realized that performance tuning is a systematic effort. There are a lot factors contributing to the performance of Hibernate. I would like to list our experience here as a reference to everyone who use Hibernate.

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