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Production Support – The ITIL Way is a presentation I prepared, introducing how to handle Production issues in ITIL way.

There are two ITIL processes related to this topic, Incident Management and Problem Management. This topic covers those two processes in details. In the end,  some suggestions about how to improve the current Production Support processes were introduced.

Production issues are what trouble us most. They seems to consume our time endlessly. How to tame those issues and take the control of our life back is the main focus of this presentation.

Recently, the Quality of the IT services were frequently talked about. Users were yelling about how bad the services are. Crisis showed up everyday. People were running around with the same word in their mouth, “Quality”. A magic word. But how to get it? Let’s take a look at the ITIL way.

What’s Quality?

“Quality is the degree to which a set of inherent characteristics fulfils requirements”  – From ISO 9000

“Service Quality is about ensuring customers get what they want” – From Managing Service Quality

We tend to think quality is just the number of defects and production issues. That’s a misleading thinking because it didn’t take in consideration the “customer” factor.

Actually, “Quality” is an interactive term. It’s all about satisfying and exceeding Customer Expectations. Customer is in the center of the Quality Universe.

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ITIL(Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is the international standard for IT Service Management.  

ITIL Introduction is a presentation I prepared for the managers of my department after I passed the test for ITIL Foundation Certification. I didn’t cover the details of ITIL. In stead, I would like to point out the concepts, like Service, Quality, Measurement, etc., that are deeply rooted in ITIL materials and things that really impressed me and changed my minds.

It was presented in front of a group of mid-level managers. It generated some interests in ITIL, especially the idea of “measurement”. However, since the presentation was too high level and conceptual, it didn’t eventually take off the wide-spread ITIL implementation in my organization.

The lesson learned, you have to follow through your initiative rentlessly!

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