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As a developer and later a technical architect, I have been doing software development for almost nine years after I graduated from school. I witnessed the fast evolvement of new technologies, for example, from Java Applet in the early days to AJAX recently in front end field and from EJB to Spring in the business logics field. However, the process we do software development changes much slower. In one organization, the same process is usually used for all types of projects, from new and complicate multi-year projects to simple and repetitive bug fix releases. I feel the knowledge we have in software development processes are way behind the knowledge we have in technologies. To me, the software development process and methodologies are more fundamental and important than specific technologies. Because it affects the entire lifecycle of software development project, the entire software development team and every aspects of the software product.

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Recently, the Quality of the IT services were frequently talked about. Users were yelling about how bad the services are. Crisis showed up everyday. People were running around with the same word in their mouth, “Quality”. A magic word. But how to get it? Let’s take a look at the ITIL way.

What’s Quality?

“Quality is the degree to which a set of inherent characteristics fulfils requirements”¬† – From ISO 9000

“Service Quality is about ensuring customers get what they want” – From Managing Service Quality

We tend to think quality is just the number of defects and production issues. That’s a misleading thinking because it didn’t take in consideration the “customer” factor.

Actually, “Quality” is an interactive term. It’s all about satisfying and exceeding Customer Expectations. Customer is in the center of the Quality Universe.

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